Senior Pastor Doug Posey has felt a unique calling to the people of the Conejo Valley since beginning his pastoral ministry over 30 years ago. The Posey family roots run deep in this valley...they call this home.

After 14 years as the Teaching and Adult Discipleship Pastor at Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village, in 2004 God revealed that it was time to lead a new work in this area. God’s prompting was evident, the vision was clear, doors began to open, and Living Oaks Church was born.

This church has been, and continues to be, a unique assembly of people whose sole desire is to impact this community for God. With the support and encouragement of the Missionary Church denomination, Living Oaks opened its doors in June 2004, and we held our first services in the Borchard Community Center gym in Newbury Park.


Stepping Out

In February of 2006 we moved into our new home with the construction costs paid in full! God had provided every step of the way.

In 2011 we opened our state-of-the-art Kids&Students Center to accommodate Kindergarten thru Grade 12. This allowed us to convert the former High School/Middle School room in the Celebration Center to “Celebration 2 HD” equipped with high-def projection and premium sound to provide overflow for worship services. This combined with the fact that we added a Saturday night service in September of that year ensured that we had enough room to grow this new work in Conejo Valley.

Next Decade

Beginning in 2013, the leaders at Living Oaks Church identified the need for close-knit disciple-making relationships. Obedient to God’s calling, this began a shift in our approach to conducting ministry. In addition to a foundation of solid bible teaching, we began developing disciple-making relationships with the intent of developing the local body of Christ found here at Living Oaks Church into Disciples Who Know and Reveal Christ. Because of this effort, Small Groups have been formed and disciple-making relationships have begun to flourish.

Today, Living Oaks Church is comprised of 25+ small groups as well as many disciple-making relationships, whereby its members are growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ.